When Something Needs to Change …

But What?

Become the leader of your life!

Raise the Trajectory of Your Life in Six Power-Packed Weeks!

In those small, still moments of time, you catch a glimpse of your life and work and you ask yourself a simple question, “Why hasn’t my life turned out the way I expected it to?” You ponder it for a moment, promise to yourself that you’ll get around to exploring it more deeply some day … and then that day doesn’t arrive. Days, weeks, and months go by. Hey, you’re busy! Maybe you’re in a rut, even a productive rut, but your gut tells you something isn’t right.

Today is different. Right now you have the opportunity to shove aside the busyness and address those nagging life questions, build life plans, and begin to live on-purpose. Step into the leadership of your life and close the gap between what is and what you dream can become. Until you define and clarify who you are, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, consequences, and paying a high price. Be Yourself!

Life’s great questions deserve even better answers. No one but you can do this work, just don’t go exploring alone. The On-Purpose Leader Experience provides you with a guide plus a proven process to discern your answers and get on with leading your life on-purpose.

You’ll become an even better leader of your life by answering in concise and precise terms answers to these questions:

  • Who am I?  (Identity)
  • Why am I here?  (Purpose)
  • Where do I want to go?  (Vision/Calling)
  • How will I get where I’m wanting to go? (Mission and Plan)
  • What’s really important?  (Values)

If you don’t have clear and concise answers to these questions, then you’ve placed yourself at a strategic disadvantage. You’re paying too high a price for not knowing what you could know in a few short weeks. Our survey of over 200 persons indicated that 40% said that their hard dollar cost from not having answers to these questions had cost them over $2 million or more. The emotional toll was unable to be estimated. Mitigate the future cost today!

In this crazy and confusingly busy world of doing life and work it is hard to set aside time to think. We’re unpracticed and inexperienced, so the time invested feels unproductive and unrewarding. As a result, we tend to get caught in the labyrinth of life repeating unhealthy patterns but hoping and praying for different outcomes. Reflection and planning are seen as luxuries rather than essential to living an abundant life.

Leadership is a Learned Skill and Attitude.

Learning comes faster and better when a systematic approach is applied. The On-Purpose® Process, the basis of The On-Purpose Leader Experience, provides a time-tested method for exploring life’s great questions. Simple to use tools within a strategic approach create predictable improvements in participants’ lives. From there, you’ll organize your life around what matters most, your 2-word purpose statement.

Leadership is a lifelong learning process. There’s a reason why there’s an alumni deep discount program for TOPLEX. As you’re being and becoming, the next time you engage in TOPLEX, you’re a better, more mature person who is at a different place in your life. As you gain experience leading, you’ll discover new dimensions in TOPLEX that energize and enlighten you.

If You Could Improve Your Life by 42.6% in just 6 weeks … would you?

Would you make the investment of your time, effort, and money for a 42.6% improvement in your life? This remarkable statistic is based on an August 2011 survey of participants in The On-Purpose Leader Experience and/or readers of The On-Purpose Person. The reviews to the right are a sampling of what participants say about TOPLEX.

Leading and living your life on-purpose touches every facet of your life. By knowing why on earth you are on this planet, life becomes simpler, clearer, and more focused. When the mental and spiritual fog clears, then a 42.6% average improvement in life can happen for you, too.

Simplify, clarify, and focus your life around what matters most with The On-Purpose Leader Experience. Journey with Kevin W. McCarthy and your private online community of like-minded participants to:

• Identify your core priorities, values, and goals
• Discover your true purpose and calling
• Develop a plan to know what to do with your life and work
• Unclutter and organize your life with clear direction and goals
• Make decisions with less fear, growing confidence, and more boldness
• Be free to be the person you are designed to be and become

The On-Purpose Leader Experience includes six 30-minute webcasts with up to 30 additional minutes for live one-on-one optional mentoring/Q&A. Plus you’ll be a part of a online private group within The On-Purpose Planet. There you’ll set up a personal profile and join a private TOPLEX group so you can access webcast replays, connect with other on-purpose persons in creation, and participate in discussions and forums.

If you will work this Experience, the Experience will work for you. Guaranteed!

Join Kevin W. McCarthy, Author of The On-Purpose Person, for this life transforming experience. Kevin is hands-on and available the entire time. You’ll receive generous support on webcasts and with the online community through the entire Experience.